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SCANDI STRINGS is a string quartet based in Oslo. Comprising four classically trained musicians, they explore a fusion of classical and contemporary music. SCANDI STRINGS aims to create a unique sonic landscape that captures the attention of a diverse audience by illuminating the string quartet format in a way that has never been done before.

Recognizing their potential to explore diverse musical genres, they began venturing into the realm of corporate events. They blend their classical backgrounds with a contemporary twist. Whether it is a grand corporate gala, an intimate wedding, or a prestigious awards ceremony, SCANDI STRINGS delivers great performances of classical masterpieces and contemporary music.


SCANDI STRINGS is not limited to traditional acoustic performances; they take the musical experience to a new level by integrating tracks and visuals into their shows. This innovative approach allows them to deliver music for a variety of events and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The strength of SCANDI STRINGS lies in their mastery of the classical acoustic string quartet art. Simultaneously, they explore modern genres and integrate electronic elements and visuals to reach a younger and more diverse audience. This enables them to adapt to various events and settings, whether on the concert stage, at festivals, private gatherings, or collaborations with other art forms.


Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your corporate event or concert to new heights with the enchanting melodies of SCANDI STRINGS. Contact us now to discuss your event details, customize a performance package, and secure your preferred date. Let our exceptional musicians create an unforgettable musical experience.




Sarah-Erin Bye, Oslo

Damon Taheri, Stockholm

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